Singapore – A taxi driver annoyed by a car going at an alleged pace of 90 kmh on the Central Expressway (CTE) flipped his center finger at the different driver after overtaking.

“Transcab driver shows center finger to cam car who was driving at 90kmh after overtaking on CTE,” famous Facebook page on Saturday (Jan 8).

The web page hooked up a video that started with the taxi behind the automobile recording the scene.

Photo: FB screengrab/

The taxi was seen beginning to overtake the cam automobile.

Photo: FB screengrab/

After passing the vehicle, the taxi driver sticks his hand out and gives the opposite driver a center finger.

Photo: FB screengrab/

“No matter what the incident, such behaviour just isn’t befitting of a driver representing a taxi firm. What do you think?” asked

With practically 500 feedback on the post, members from the online community highlighted that the vehicle was hogging the highway, therefore “deserved” the taxi driver’s response.

“You deserved that middle finger. Why? Because you didn’t move instantly to the left when you had been accomplished with overtaking. Go and retake your basic concept before you get again on the highway,” wrote a netizen.

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“You most likely get another middle finger from all of us here if you do dumb issues like this on the expressway,” he noted in a remark with over 310 likes.

“Cam driver deserved every bit of it! Stop highway hogging,” mentioned Facebook person David Au, his comment receiving over 270 likes.

“Cam automobile, you are at fault (for) road hogging. TP (Traffic Police) may give you a ticket; if fortunate, you could get off with a warning,” said another netizen.

According to the Land Transport Authority, street hogging is an offence.

Vehicles with a speed restrict of 60 kmh failing to drive on the left-hand lane of an expressway, and vehicles at sluggish speed failing to keep as near the left-hand side of the road as attainable can get a most fantastic of S$1,000, up to three months jail or both for first-time offenders.

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Vehicles obstructing different autos moving at a faster pace can be fined a most of S$1,000, up to three months jail or both, in addition to 4 demerit points for first-time offenders. /TISG

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